Our Advanced Management System Features


IBEAMS (IBE Advanced Management System) is a cloud based powerful management solution purpose built for private schools to manage staff, students, fees, incidents and more.

This document will summarise some core functionality. This document is not a tutorial or guide and it will not cover every aspect of the system. It will however highlight as many features and functionality to give the reader a very good idea on the potential of the system.

Why not provide a live demo?

In our experience since 2013/2014, hundreds of demo requests were received from which more than 90% did not proceed beyond 5 minutes as testing a system requires dedicated time and effort. No purchase is made without proper consideration and this system is no different. We expect it to be tried properly to understand and realise its potential but unfortunately providing a live demo was a negative due to lack of time from many schools in addition to keeping the demo data up to date. This document will hopefully solve that issue as we have done the highlighting and walkthrough for you.

If you any queries after going through this document please email ibeams@ibeuk.org